Salt chlorination vs. Traditional chlorination


Salt chlorination vs. Traditional chlorination

For many years the most common way to maintain swimming pool water was with the use of organic and liquid chlorine and chemicals. While it is true that these types of disinfectants are elements that work very well to prevent infections and the proliferation of bacteria and fungi, it is also true that is an element that can cause discomfort in pool users, such as skin and eye irritation, as well as mucous or bad odors in the pool water.

With this in mind, and to avoid long-term problems, salt chlorination was born in the early 70s. An alternative solution for the disinfection of swimming pool water that, in addition to helping to preserve the environment, also ensures the well-being of swimming pool users from the discomforts of traditional chlorine (previously mentioned) since they are easily avoided. Also, it is a system that provides a series of benefits that traditional methods do not have.

What are the benefits of salt chlorination over chlorine?

Salt chlorination brings with it a series of benefits that traditional chlorination does not have:

  1. Help the environment: today, caring for the planet is a necessity that we all must carry out. Salt chlorination is a natural process that acts as an advantage for the environment since it does not need added chemicals to carry out a correct disinfection of the water.
  1. Salt electrolysis: directly linked to the previous point, another great Benefit of salt chlorination is the same process of salt electrolysis. This helps to maintain the water as it Works directly with the conversion of common salt into an effective disinfectant.


  1. Equipment with automated processes: the salt chlorination equipment has the advantage that the disinfection processes are automated to facilitate their use. Processes such as the regulation of the pH of the water, temperature detection, start-up and pause of the equipment… are all automated processes that our QUICKSALT


  1. Easy maintenance: pools that use the salt chlorination system are usually easier to maintain. This is because there is no need to buy or add chlorine to the water. In fact, saltwater pools are more stable thanks to the aforementioned automation of the disinfection process.

Have a salt chlorination equipment for your pool and enjoy all the benefits it offers you! Discover QUICKSALT and make the change.