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  • It will help regulate the flow in passage in the installation pipes. It will allow isolating the circuit when performing maintenance on it.

  • Included with the equipment. In case you want to install the control unit on the wall, separate from the cell.

  • Included with the equipment. It will keep the chlorinator cell protected and preserve its useful life. Does not contain the titanium plates.

  • It has an approximate life of 11,000 hours of use, depending on the maximum production selected in the equipment.

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    A range of salt water chlorinators for private pools, of easy use and installation. The QUICKSALT allows the selection of the appropriate production for your pool based on the volume and hours of filtration it requires. It also has an alarm that warns in case it is necessary to add salt to the water, so that it can optimize its performance and the life of its cell.

    The chlorinator has 3 models according to your pool’s gallons. Choose between the models 15 (15.000 gallons), 40 (40.000 gallons) and 55 (55.000 gallons) and discover their features.

  • Temperature Kit – Optional

    Measures the temperature of the pool water and stops the chlorinator in case of low temperatures to protect the life of the production cell.

  • Water Flow Sensor Kit

    Included with your Quicksalt equipment. It will detect if there is water flow in the pool’s hydraulic installation.