Quicksalt’s warnings and alarms

Lack of salt in the water

Add more salt

Incrustations in the cell

Reduce the time between cleanings. Manual cleaning of the cell if necessary

Depleted Cell

Replace the electrolysis cell with a new

Excess salt in the water

Add water from the network to lower the salt concentration

Water temperature bellow 50 °F (10 °C). Stop production

When the temperature exceeds 59 °F (15 °C), production is restored again.

The equipment is performing a cleaning cycle


Filtration pump stopped, or speed too low

Check the correct operation of the pump. Increase its speed if necessary

Filter selector valve in wrong position

When the chlorinator is running, the selector valve must be in the “filtration” position

Air accumulation in the upper part

Let it expel itself. Purge if necessary

No flow

Check the QUICKSALT chlorinator is working only when the filtration pump is in operation.

The cell electrodes are misplaced

Place the electrodes correctly, one per vessel slot

Disconnected or damaged cell cable

Check the cell connections, especially that the connectors have good contact

Unsalted pool water

Adding salt to the water

Misplaced cell electrodes

Check that there are no electrodes touching each other

Badly connected cell wires, or wires that make bad contact

Check the cable connections

Internal equipment failure

Contact your technical service

Ambient temperature too high

Try to install the equipment in a ventilated place and avoid direct sunlight

Contact with the Technical Service (SAT) to resolve incidents or doubts with your salt chlorinators.

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