Benefits of salt water chlorination for private pools


Benefits of salt chlorination for private pools

When we talk about salt chlorination, we talk specifically about the disinfection of pool water through the salt’s own chlorine (NaCl), therefore, it is a component of natural origin.

In fact, using a salt chlorinator in private pools, such as Quicksalt, brings with itself a series of benefits that will allow the users to enjoy a swimming pool completely disinfected. Also, being a mechanism that does not need chemical products for its proper functioning, it provides health to bathers. Next, we present the different benefits that this pool water disinfection system can offer:

  1. In this disinfecting water process, a very low proportion of salt is added to the pool, the equivalent of what we can find in a tear from our eyes. That is why or skin, hair and eyes will appreciate this system because they will not suffer the adverse effects that traditional chlorine produces.
  2. In saline electrolysis, the formation of chloramines is greatly reduced, which are those that, to a great extent, produce the strong smell of chlorine and irritations to eyes and mucous membranes.
  3. It is clear that, just as natural water disinfection processes are respectful of the body and health, they are also respectful of the environment. Salt chlorination does not generate CO2 emissions as it avoids the creation of toxic gases and ends up being beneficial for our environment.
  4. The life of the salt chlorinator and its cell is long and lasting, and this leads to substantial savings in pool maintenance.
  5. Its functioning is much more comfortable, as you can forget about constantly buying different chemical products to disinfect the pool. With the salt chlorinator you will only have to control the salt you need.
  6. It disinfects the pool water automatically, therefore, the maintenance dedication of the pool will be reduced, and you will be able to take a swim anytime you want.
  7. And the best thing is that all the above advantages will come with the Quicksalt’s low energy consumption, where its energy consumption is equivalent to that of a light bulb. Therefore, the electricity bill at the end of the month will not look much higher than usual.

With all these advantages, the users of private pools will have a more safe and pleasant swimming experience, knowing that they can take a refreshing and hygienic swim. Also, they will be able to make sure that the water is always in excellent condition and thus be able to enjoy the best quality of the bath without suffering possible undesirable reactions that traditional disinfection processes bring with them. Finally, they will also be able to enjoy a low electricity consumption water disinfection system, perfect for saving energy costs at home.

If you aren’t convinced yet whether you need a salt chlorinator for your private pool, don’t hesitate to ask us all of the doubts that you may have through our contact form.