Installation of the QUICKSALT20 in Miami


Installation of the QUICKSALT20 in Miami

This case of success takes place in the south of Florida, specifically in Miami, where we carried out the set-up of a magnificent swimming pool for private use in a private house. Said pool is of 18,000 gallons (approximately 68 m3) and has a daily water filtration of about 8 hours.

To keep the pool water in excellent conditions, the owners of this private swimming pool opted for a salt chlorination system; so, the QUICKSALT20 equipment was installed, the leading salt chlorinator perfect for pools with capacities around 20,000 gallons, as is the case.

The QUICKSALT equipment has the capacity of maintaining the private pool water in perfect conditions without having to add chemical products; therefore, for this family it was the perfect solution to carry out the maintenance of the pool water with the plus of guaranteeing health and a pleasant swimming experience of the users.

Also, we want to highlight the equipment’s easy installation in this project. Starting from the connection of the cell with the equipment that is made at the factory, and that there is an installation template that indicates where to cut the pipes to install it; the installation of the QUICKSALT20 was carried out at maximum speed and without any inconveniences. In this case, a compact installation was carried out, in which the cell and the control unit were mounted jointly. Also, the Water Flow Sensor Kit was installed, which was developed to detects if there is water flow in the pool’s hydraulic installation.

Another determining factor for the installation of this equipment is the intuitive use once the start-up of the chlorinator is done. Through the main screen you can select the chlorine production depending on the needs of the moment; also, you can control all the equipment’s disinfecting processes.

Thanks to the installation of the QUICKSALT20 equipment, we made sure that this family can enjoy the highest quality water for their pool, as its disinfecting system has an efficient production of active chlorine with antibacterial action that guarantees all the user’s health and safety.