The Salt Chlorinator:
Protagonist of the new trends in pool care


The Salt Chlorinator: Trendsetter in Pool Care

The salt chlorinator technology is transforming the world of pool care. The salt electrolysis system, which converts salt into active chlorine, is not only effective and easy to use, but it also improves the water quality of the pool and is more environmentally friendly than conventional pool water chlorination methods.

A standout aspect of this technology is its energy efficiency. The low-power consumption QuickSalt e-360 salt chlorinator is becoming an increasingly popular choice for energy-conscious pool owners. It has a consumption of 263W, making it a leader in energy efficiency. It uses less electricity than traditional systems while maintaining water quality at an optimal level.


In addition to its energy efficiency, the installation of a salt chlorinator is generally simpler than that of other systems, making it successfully operable even for those with little experience in pool care.


One of the most notable benefits of salt chlorination is its sustainable and environmentally friendly nature. Salt chlorinators reduce the demand for industrially produced chlorine, thereby decreasing the production and disposal of harmful chemicals. By generating active chlorine from salt, these systems represent a much greener and more sustainable approach to pool water chlorination. QuickSalt e-360 is prepared to work with seawater if desired, an extraordinary advantage considering the water scarcity problem we are facing.

Furthermore, water treated with a salt chlorinator is gentler on the skin and eyes, offering superior water quality. Thanks to lower yet equally effective chlorine levels, users can enjoy a more comfortable and healthier swimming experience.

The benefits of salt chlorinators are undeniable. Their efficiency, ease of use, water quality improvement, and commitment to sustainability make them a pool care trend that is here to stay.