Professional Tips for the Energy Efficiency of Your Pool


Professional Tips for the Energy Efficiency of your Pool

Enjoying a pool doesn’t have to imply a negative impact on the environment or your energy bill. We are in a new era where environmental consciousness and energy efficiency have become fundamental pillars in the design and maintenance of pools. Discover how you can make your personal oasis environmentally friendly and energy-efficient with these valuable professional tips for the energy efficiency of your pool.

Light, a Key Element for Energy Efficiency

Solar orientation: Design your pool taking advantage of solar orientation. Place the pool so that it receives the maximum amount of sunlight possible, helping to naturally maintain the water temperature and reducing the need for heating.

Solar covers: We recommend installing a solar cover for your pool. This accessory not only prevents heat loss during the night but also reduces evaporation by 95%, meaning you’ll reduce your water consumption.

Solar collectors: If you have the opportunity, integrate solar energy systems to heat your pool water. Solar collectors are an effective and sustainable option that uses solar energy to raise the water temperature, decreasing reliance on electric heaters and reducing carbon emissions.

Vegetative cover: Plant strategic vegetation around your pool. Trees and shrubs not only provide natural shade, reducing water evaporation but also act as a barrier against the wind, helping to maintain the water temperature.

LED lighting: Opt for low-energy LED lighting systems. They are efficient and offer a variety of color options to customize your pool’s atmosphere. We recommend choosing high-quality models, such as those from BSLight.

Latest technologies in water treatment

Salt chlorination: Consider salt chlorination as an alternative to traditional chemicals. Salt chlorinators, using electrolysis technology, utilize common salt to generate chlorine naturally, eliminating the need to store and handle aggressive chemicals and extending the lifespan of the pool water.

Automation: Implement automation systems for chlorine and pH control or get a chlorinator that includes them to save time and ensure balanced and safe water.

Efficient salt chlorinator power source: Choose an energy-efficient chlorinator. QUICKSALT uses a high-efficiency switched-mode power supply that ensures effective disinfection with low-energy consumption and a long product life, reaching up to 10,000 hours of use (depending on the selected production).

Responsible Maintenance

Efficient filtration: Use state-of-the-art filtration systems to ensure optimal water quality with lower energy consumption.

Smart scheduling: Program your systems (such as the robotic pool cleaner) to operate during periods of lower energy demand. This can help you take advantage of lower electricity rates and reduce environmental impact.

The Sustainable Solution for your Pool

Considering the above mentioned aspects, QUICKSALT is your ultimate choice if you seek energy efficiency and respect for the environment. The low-energy salt chlorinator, easy installation, and innovative components provide the best solution for treating your pool water.

Learn more about how you can transform your pool into a sustainable oasis here. Your decision will not only positively impact your pool experience but also the planet. Make every splash count!